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Places to visit in Yanam

Aerial View of Yanam

Yanam has got a very beautiful view.  It is covered withfull  of coconut trees. We can have fresh iodinised air since it is located over the Banks of the Gauthami Godavari River.
Humidity is high in this region.

The Dariyala Thippa Road

Yanam consists of 8 villages namely,
1. Kanakalapeta
2. Mettakur
3. Kurasampeta
4. Farampeta
5. Dariyalathippa
6. Dommeti Peta
7. Guireyampeta
8. Savithri Nagar.

This is actually the river bank road of Gauthami Godavari. This road was constructed by the Andhra Road & Buildings Dept. They had given the maintenance of this Road to Yanam Public Works Dept. This road ends with SavithriNagar village. After Savithri Nagar, the river goes into the Sea.
During 1995-96 Cyclone, the road was badly damaged. Almost 50% of the road was destroyed due to heavy tides of the sea. The road is having 8 mts. width and 16 Kms.The total cost
of the construction of the road was nearly 3 crores.

Now the Govt. has taken steps to make this area as one of the tourist spots of Yanam Region because it has a very good River View. There is a proposal to have a boat
house in this area
The Agriculture Dept. has already started the Afforestation programme along this Road side.

Yanam Ferry Road

The Yanam Ferry Road was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Pondicherry Shri R.V.JanakiRaman on 11.1.2000. Now, there is a proposal for making the Ferry Road very beatiful by putting important person's idols on the footpath of this Road.

The Yanam - Yedurlanka Ferry

Daily above Ten Thousand passengers are travelling to and fro on this Pant. The people from Konaseema area under  the Amalapuram Constituency of East Godavari District are mainly using this river way for reaching Kakinada, the District HeadQuarters.

This river called Gauthami Godavari is one of the branches of the main river Godavari. It enters the Bay of Bengal after crossing around 12 Kms.

The minimum capacity of the Panti can hold is 15 Tonnes. It supports the two wheelers, three wheelers as well as four wheelers excluding heavy vehicles.

Per trip, it carries roughly 200 passengers along with vehicles. The time of journey depends on the river flow. Generally, it takes 15 minutes to cross from one end to another.

Now, the Govt. of AndhraPradesh with the assistance of ONGC, WorldBank Funds, Pondicherry Govt., Central Govt. and the donations from the farmers & markeing committies, is constructing a Bridge across this river.

The estimated cost of the construction is roughly 120 crores.

The Navayuga Engineering Constructions(NEC) of Visakhapatnam has taken the contract to build the bridge in the stipulated time of 36 months. The foundation stone was laid by  Shri G.M.C.BalaYogi, Hon'ble LokSabha Speaker.

Important Temples nearer to  Yanam


The Lord Satyanarayana Swamy's Temple is located in the Annavaram. It is around 80 Kms from Yanam towards East.
It is very famous for performing Vrathams especially for newly married couples for getting blessings from the Lord Satyanarayana Swamy.

It is the second important Temple in AndhraPradesh after Tirupathi.

It is one of the Jyothirlingas in India. The Shiva here is called Bheemeswara Swamy. The height of the Linga is around 14 Ft. and it is one of the oldest temples in India. People say that it was constructed by the Devathas. There is one more temple called Manikyamabika Devi Temple in the campus of this Temple. It is one of the Ashtadasa Pithas in India. It is very famous as it has the Sakthi Chakra and the Parvathi Goddess is sitting on this Chakra. It is around 16 Kms from Yanam. There are frequent buses running from Yanam to Draksharamam.


Padagaya Temple
It is one of the oldest temples in India. It is also called Second Kasi. The Shiva is in the form of Cock shape. We can see the padas of the Gaya Rakshas here. It is very famous temple. The shiva is called "Kukkuteswara Swamy" and the Parvathi is called "Raja Rajeswari". The Nandi infront of the Shiva Linga is vert famous and it has the liveness in it. There is one Durga Temple in the campus of this temple which is also one of the AshtaDasa Pithas of Durga Goddess. The Pitham of the Lord Goddess is lying here and hence the name comes "Puruhuthika Devi" and the town is called as "Pithapuram". There is also one more temple of Shri Dattatreya Swamy in this Temple Campus. It is very famous as the Dattatreya's next incarnation is Shri Pada Vallabha Swamy was born in Pithapuram only. It became very famous and people from all over India especially from West and Notheren side of India used to come Pithapuram to have the Darshanam of these Lords. It is around 50 kms from yanam Region.